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120£ | 12 Month Priority Queue Pass


Priority queue for 365 calendar days (12 months) on all of our servers


Priority Queue is your modern passport to lightning-quick access on your favored server. No more downtime - you'll consistently lead the charge, primed for immediate combat.

It's smooth and hassle-free. After purchase, Priority Queue effortlessly integrates with your account, roaring to life within just 10 minutes. Crafted for today's gamers who hunger for relentless battles, our Priority Queue guarantees you're swiftly back in the heat of digital combat.

Whether you're a competitive fanatic craving instant entry or simply aiming to make the most of your battlefield time, Priority Queue stands as your cutting-edge solution.

Elevate your gaming to the modern era with Priority Queue. Bid farewell to downtime and plunge headlong into the heart-pounding gameplay you crave!




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